>My Adventures with Martinis V… ?

4:06 PM

>Not my fifth martini... not even my 7th, I believe. :eek: However, I believe I have perfected the creation that is called the dirty martini *wet*.

1 oz. vodka
splash of vermouth
finish off to 2 oz. with green olive juice

First, chill the martini glass with about an inch to 2 inches of water until frozen. Shake listed ingredients with a reasonable amount of ice *just about a half inch above the the liquor tops* to a nice, thumping, booty-shaking song, untill all or at least most of the ice is gone and your fingers are frozen, and then strain into martini glass. Top off with two green olives and serve.

It equals perfection, I tell you. Not too much or too little water, not too much or too little olive juice, not too much or too little vodka, and oh so dreamily chilled. Even if you don't down it, the drink stays chilled thanks to that little ice cube of water frozen to the glass at the bottom, and I believe I may have just beat my favorite bartender at my favorite drink. :D

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