7:00 PM

>Ok, this is not fair. I came home today and pressed a key on my keyboard and my screen went black... then when I tried restarting I couldn't get my OS loaded. So *naturally* I assume it's gotten corrupted somehow and go to reinstall, only, it won't reinstall because it didn't realize I had a system partition already. So I back up my home partition and go to format the hdd only to discover that it's showing up as clean, unallocated space and not a single partition tool I use on it can create a partition table on it. I.E., it appears that my hdd is dead. :( *yes, I have already tried a different IDE cable*. The weird thing is that I could mount my home partition and pull files off of it, and the other two partitions showed up in dev but wouldn't mount. Either way, it looks like I just might be stuck with a live cd for a while until I can cough up the cash for a new hdd. :(

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