>*sigh* Ubuntu…

3:56 PM

>After recent events, I decided to give Ubuntu a 3rd *yes, you heard me right - 3rd* chance.

I have to admit, the OS is pretty attractive on the outside. It has to be in order to attract me once again even though we don't have a very good track record together.

Once again, I was reminded of why I don't stick to this OS... it's too f*ing weird.

You want to learn how to use Linux in general? Stay the hell away from Ubuntu *and Gentoo, while we're at it, but that's another tale...*. Ubuntu seems to want to be easy, only, Ubuntu *oddly enough* seems to think being easy involves taking away a crapload of options... then again, the lines kind of blur inbetween what Ubuntu does and what Gnome does *let's admit it, Gnome still has a ways to go*. Some things though are pure Ubuntu... seriously, do they really think people are so dumb they can't remember two passwords? I feel like I'm on an operating system designed for a 5 year old. :S

While we're at it... hey, Vector, don't create an auto installer unless it is actually going to WORK. How hard is it to auto install a generic xorg driver? Not hard, yet Vector seems to mess it up somehow, and gives you no option to NOT auto install it or even *gasp* take care of the configuration yourself. You have to deal with a stupid auto installation process, watch it fail, then reboot to configure xorg.conf yourself, when you're not even going to keep it to begin with. Oh yah, a like 30 minute installation process *guesstimate... I didn't count* is NOT lightning fast.

I'm wanting to play and explore different distros, but some of these are annoying enough to tempt me to say screw it, I'm sticking to Mepis forever.

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