>Oh I wish…

11:15 AM

>I wish there was some browser, plug in, or extension that allowed one to browse their del.icio.us bookmarks by their tags as if they were physical folders containing bookmarks within your browser. Imagine clicking on the "Bookmarks" menu in Firefox and seeing all your del.icio.us tags as folders and containing automatically updated lists of your del.icio.us bookmarks.

Yes, I know there are sidebars, but they just don't appeal to me - I don't like sidebars, for starters. Second, I have yet to find a sidebar that allows one to view all their tags and then simply click on a tag to show the bookmarks contained in it. I would even settle for just an integrated search somewhere in my browser that allows me to search only my bookmark's names/notes/tags/etc.

This is the reason why: I have a bad habit of losing backups of my bookmarks. I can make a million backups and somehow they will be either lost or destroyed. Because of this, I thought it would be smart of me to simply start regularly backing them up on my del.icio.us account as well as making physical backups. Recently I lost all my bookmarks - again - and was very grateful for my foresight in backing them up on my del.icio.us account. However, when you export them in del.icio.us they're just one long list of bookmarks, no longer contained in categorized folders or tags. So now I'm left with a huge list of unorganized bookmarks.

For now, I have this issue solved by using Katapult whenever I want to find a bookmark, and going to my del.icio.us account whenever I need a more in depth search. But it sure would be nice to have them all in folders within my Bookmarks menu again.

Manually organizing them is a bit out of the question considering there are a ton of them.

So, for now, all I can really do is use my workaround, wish, and wait. ;)

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