>Rediscovering my music

4:11 PM

>Amarok just continues to amaze me with 1.4.3.

For beginners, it is A LOT faster then previous 1.4 releases. Opening it up is no longer the impatient, foot-tapping wait it used to be. Think xmms or Rythmbox speed. Yes, it is really that fast now. If you've liked Amarok in the past but given up on it due to bugs or slowness, this is probably the ideal time for you to pick it back up again.

If you've never tried Amarok, now would also be an ideal time to try it out. Combined with last.fm, this is probably the most intuitive music player you will ever come across. You can quite realistically allow it to play on random and have it pick songs out of your collection that you'll not only actually like, but that you probably haven't listened to before as well. If you've ever sat trying to figure out what music in your collection you want to listen to and wished your music player could just pick a random mix for you - this is the music player for you.

Another great thing I've noticed in 1.4.3 is the increased intuitiveness of MusicBrainz tagging. I've had some songs in my collection that were simply named things like "track04.mp3" that MusicBrainz couldn't figure out before, and now it's guessing them perfectly. I'm not sure if this has something to do with the new AFT feature or not, but I must say I am loving it. Amarok is taking the messy parts of my collection and tagging them perfectly, complete with album covers <--*not a new feature, but mention worthy*.

With this music player, you can actually listen to your music and not worry about anything else. It does all the organization, documentation, recommendations, and research for you. Want the current song's lyrics? It's a tab click away. Want to know more about the playing artist? Another tab click away.

I'll let the screenshots do the talking, though. ;)

For the record, that is not the way Amarok looks by default, it's using my desktop theme. :lol:

I only have one wish left. Please, pretty please, give us a "fetch tags" type button for MusicBrainz like we have for album covers. Indulge my laziness even more. :D

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  1. >I think the reason nobody has made a fetch tags type feature is because musicbrainz is swamped for bandwidth and resources. We don't feel we can go a step further than we already do.I think there are things you can download that will do such a task though, may be worth investigating.

  2. >Vixen,Do you know if Amarok is work getting any closer to being able to stream to a server, yet? It would be awesome!

  3. >mxcl: Thanks for letting me know that. :) I certainly don't want to cause more strain on MusicBrainz than it can handle. Such a feature would still be nice, but not at the expense of MusicBrainz. It's a great service and it would be a shame to lose it.Boz: There is an Amarok script called Amarok Shouter than can be found here:http://www.kde-apps.org/content/show.php?content=22170It's still in beta though, and there might be other applications that add this support to Amarok out there as well, so I would suggest looking around KDE-Apps some more. :)