>So I’m installing Ubuntu now…

10:43 PM

>Here I am, waiting for Edgy Eft to finish downloading so I can install it. I don't know what keeps pulling me back to Ubuntu. It frustrates me more than any other distro I've encountered. Yet at the same time, it attracts me. I think it's the stripped down simplicity of it that beckons to be tweaked and customized and built upon. Mepis is simple too, but to be frank, I find it to be more than I really want and often find myself stripping it down just so I can build it back up to the way I like it. It would be nice to start out with it stripped down.

Since I managed to give Kubuntu a full week's trial without it being too painful, I figure I should give Ubuntu a go. I actually got pretty used to Kubuntu's Ubuntuish style but the reason I went back to Mepis was because Kubuntu just didn't seem very done. There were weird little quirks every where from it being Ubuntu with a KDE jacket that were just laying bare and in the open, unfixed. As a KDE lover it drove me crazy. Meanwhile past experience has taught me that Ubuntu does make good use of the Gnome desktop environment, which I like as well (no Gnome vs. KDE flames here - they're both good :)).

So, here I go. This will be perhaps my sixth time installing Ubuntu. Wish me luck. ;)

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