>Edgy!… Um, ok, so maybe not…

12:33 AM

>Well, the third CD must have been a charm because I finally got the Edgy cd to load. :)

It should be noted that this release seems a lot snappier than previous ones. Unfortunately, that's about the only thing I've noticed about it so far. Well, that + things seem shinier or something. Integration seems improved overall. F-Spot and Bittornado now come installed by default (but I use Ktorrent and Digikam anyways, lol). Newer apps, which is nice.
So that pretty much wraps it up. Shiny things, faster boot times, and two new apps. Not so edgy, huh?

It is a definite improvement over Dapper, but not a huge one. If you're looking for something drop dead amazing, Edgy probably is not your candidate. ;)

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