>Of Vista, Ubuntu, and Love

5:23 AM

>Has anyone else noticed CompUSA's odd love affair with Vista? One of the employees said that they got a big handbook on Vista that they had to read and learn, then proceeded to try turning us over to the dark side. WTF? This wasn't a cashier, either - this was someone in the repair department that really should've known better... although some other events led me to wonder about the knowledge level of those in the repair department.

I've also went back to Ubuntu (again). I really don't know what's up with my facination over this distro considering it drives me nuts. I do think that part of the reason I'm facinated with it though is that it *does* drive me nuts. I love Mepis, but it seriously gets boring because well, everything just works. Meanwhile, there are tons of quirks, unsatisfied desires, and rough edges in Ubuntu to keep me occupied. I would probably go Gentoo if the whole days long compilation process wasn't enough to make me climb walls.

And I'm in love. :) With a guy and not an electronic device as well, lol. He's a gamer, a geek (I originally said here "a nerd with geek tendencies" but he insists on being called a geek so I changed it :) ), and probably the most wonderful guy on this planet. I honestly didn't know that relationships like this could exist. There's no sweet/smooth talk, no games, no half-truths or twisted realities, just complete honesty and openess. No attempts to change anyone, no grudges, no superficiality, no paranoid fear of being percieved as "wrong" or "bad", no control/power issues. We don't always understand eachother, and that can sometimes lead to some pretty dumb disagreements, but oddly enough we both realize and accept that. They soon get forgotten and dropped for cuddling, lol.

I think the most amazing thing about it though is how much of "ourselves" we can be with eachother. I can completely be myself and he can completely be himself. I don't think a guy has ever seen me so clearly, nor do I think a guy has ever let me see him so clearly.

I love you, Mike. ;)

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  1. >Good luck with the new love :-)Not having been here for a loooong time it was nice to see that you are as busy maintaining your as ever.

  2. >doh!It should have said "maintaining your blog...", guess I haven't filled my coffee quota this morning.