>Oh, you beautiful little scammer, you

3:07 PM

>I received this little morsel tonight in the comments section on my site:

Author : Bardia Kahrom (IP: , cache4.neda.net.ir)
E-mail : bardia-kahrom@usa.com
URI : http://Ihavenotwebsite
Whois : http://ws.arin.net/cgi-bin/whois.pl?queryinput=
Hi Dear Jonquil
My name is bardia Kahrom I born in Spain and living there now I have private area in Canary island ,you can see below URL address for more information about Canary Island
, I see your picture in below URL address : http://my.opera.com/vixenk/picture.pl
I mean you are very cute and very very sexy girl and I hope you are single , are you so?
If your answer is yes I wish married with you , of course ,if you assent.
maybe you mean I am a Clown because this is Farcicalest kind Apply for Betrothal but maybe interesting to you know I am rich man and I watch movies in my home ( home cinema ) and I listen to anything and everything pretty much Music and my Favorite author is George Orwell . I mean Animal Farm is exquisite and with this book her name would everlasting .
If you are like know about me more please send me e-mail to :
and give me more information about you please your mail include your sexy picture . sexy picture is not nude picture it is with underwear .
If I do accede , I hope use up your boon .
you must excuse me because I can not good talk English .
after reply to my e-mail ,I send to you my picture , I am personable man .

Best regrad's
Bardia Kharom

I assure you, laughter immediately ensued.

You see, girls and boys, this is a classic example of an odd specimen that is most frequently referred to as a love scammer. Note that this guy mentions two things straight off: money, and marriage. He also demonstrates that he's read a little of my profile as I mentioned one of my favorite authors to be George Orwell, and he's trying to make it seem like we have common interests. Oddly enough though, he doesn't even know George Orwell is a man. I'm supposed to be hooked by this, email him immediately, be further seduced, and then start sending money off to him for various things so we can be together. I later received another comment soon afterwards from him asking why I hadn't emailed him yet. Scammers don't have much time to spend, you see. Time = money, and these guys/girls are trying to get to your money as quickly as possible.

Another possible thing is that this guy is just looking for a quick way to a green card. Or just some pics. Who knows.

In short, don't fall for this crap. Everyday men and women don't just see your picture, fall in love, and want to marry you, no matter how ugly/gorgeous you may think you are. This isn't a fairy tale. This is real life.

Other than to say that, I pretty much just posted this so you may laugh with me.

Because after all, "sexy picture is not nude picture it is with underwear". :lol:

***UPDATE*** He's just sent the same, exact message to my email address. :lol: God, this is so funny...

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  1. >Daniel,Right now I'm not entirely sure his domain isn't spoofed or his IP proxied, which is why I refrained from reporting him last night. I will do some further research into this today. I usually don't let these fish go without some trouble. Scammers are the scum of the internet, imho.This was my first time getting hit by what appears to be a love scammer, though, and I want people to know what these kind of scams look like. I actually got pretty lucky - these scammers usually hit up dating sites (which explains why I've never gotten approached by one since I don't do the dating site thing) and are pretty sly about the people they pick to scam. This one had *quite* some nerve.

  2. >My Dearest Jonathon,I'm a poor brokeass hillbilly. I enjoy Spiderman Comics and long walks in the rain.....Please deposit 500 dollars US funds to my Paypal account and I'll send naked pictures of my spanielLMAOPeace , love and KBOZ