>Trying out Mepis on an old laptop

12:00 PM

>Mepis has pulled a surprise on me.

My mom had an IBM Thinkpad 600 given to her, complete with a PII, 5 gig hdd, and 128 mb of ram. It came with the previous owner's installation of Windows 98, but no cd. With some support from her best friend, I convinced her to give Linux a try on it.

Since I haven't tried out any distros on lower spec machines yet, I decided to start out trying a few big boy distro's live cds on it. Mepis ran fairly well, albeit slow. Ubuntu refused to load. All the Slackware cousins I tried ran well (Vector, etc.).

Next up was to find a suitable distro for this machine's specs. That's when the trouble began, though, as it turned out her cd burner had nothing short of issues. So that left me with only being able to use my personal collection.

I tried out Xubuntu and DSL. DSL had MAJOR graphics display issues that I didn't really want to bother troubleshooting, and Xubuntu didn't recognize the wireless PC card. Since I couldn't burn a cd and had no internet connection on the laptop, I couldn't go the ndiswrapper route either. So I turned to the one distro that *did* pick up the PC card...

Mepis. The install took about 30-45 minutes. And after applying the majority of tweaks that can be found here, getting rid of unneccessary start up processes, and applying a more suitable window decoration and icon set (the Redmond window decoration and iKons icon set) it actually isn't running too badly on this machine. It isn't the fastest but it's not painful, either. The one painful part is the hdd space that is left over for the /home partition - not even a gig, so it's only really good for browsing and such and that's it. But then again... with a 5 gig hdd... even with a 64mb OS it's *still* not going to be much good for anything but browsing, lol.

Oh, and sound currently doesn't work, but I know how to fix it... just haven't had the time to yet.

And so far, my mom seems to be loving it. :D

Oh, and mom...


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