>why don’t you agree with keeping our kids safe?

1:18 AM

>Oh, please. Here it goes....

I have every bit of interest in keeping our kids safe. But I also don't believe in being a paranoid loon that wants to ban sex offenders from stepping foot outside their house, nor do I feel that banning them from Myspace is actually doing anything to protect kids any more than making them register their screen names and email accounts is going to help anyone "catch" them. Meanwhile the sex offenders that are just trying to get on with their lives are being punished while the real rule breakers go about their business and get away with it because we all feel so safe in this special little system.

Also, someone needs to show me where Myspace suddenly became a place just for underagers. As far as I was concerned it was just a site like any other site with a normal age range limit that excludes the kids not old enough to figure out whether or not they should be talking to a 27 year old that wants to meet them for "some fun". Ok, so what if he pretends to be a little kid? Wake up, if he's pretending to be a little kid he's not going to use his usual email address and unless he's incredibly stupid he's not going to register the email address he uses, nor use his real name. Oh, darn.... our system doesn't work...

That's why I don't agree with what Myspace is doing. Let's make a check list, shall we?

  • it's not just a site for kids, it's a site for everyone over the age of 13 or 15 or what ever their limit is, and kids aren't even a majority, so it's unnecessary

  • any one that's really up to no good isn't going to use their real name or registered email address, so it's ineffective

  • it punishes those that don't have any tricks up their sleeve and are just abiding by the rules, so it's self defeating

Now, they say the reason for it is not to try to police sex offenders so much as keep them away from temptation... has anyone noticed that Myspace profiles now allow you to prevent underage profiles from being shown to you and underagers from contacting you? Has it ever occurred to Myspace that they could just switch this feature on for sex offender profiles and leave it on permanently, if they're so worried about temptation? After all, see no evil....

I have a funny feeling this wouldn't work though, and I'll tell you why. Because I don't think it was really Myspace's decision to do this in the first place... I think they're just bowing to all the pressure from the media and caffeinated parents so they can go, "See? We tried! We have a super strict policy!"


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