>finally finished

6:40 AM

>So now vixenk.net is Surreality, Beginnings, and "David's Blog" (he hasn't decided on what to name it yet, lol). And I am pretty sure I don't want to go through that again for a while. :P

I was thinking about ads today.... we have ads on our clothes, food, electronics, transportation, and we can't even entertain ourselves without being bombarded with ads. There's a label for everything... no wonder we're so prone to labeling people too, after all, everything else in our world has a label. In fact, if you want to go even deeper, we label everything in our lives, right down to our illnesses. Why, I wonder.... why do we feel this need for everything to have a name, a label, an explanation, something that makes it stand out and be noticed as different from the next thing to come around? Is it a part of our need to communicate or is it something else?

LOL, and I can't really type right now because I have a cat determined to take the place of the laptop. :P

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