>sleeping issues

9:01 PM

>Bed just keeps on getting more and more uncomfortable.... I think I spent a good 10 minutes last night just trying to figure out how to get comfortable enough to go to sleep. My pregnancy pillow hasn't came yet so I'm pretty much left to my own devices, lol. Last night I managed to get comfortable by either resting my legs on a pillow or placing it between them. Unfortunately, that wasn't enough and I woke up after 5 hours rolling around because I just couldn't get comfortable... that plus I have a random case of morning sickness and David's recommendation, laying still, just seems to make it more likely I'll puke my guts out in bed. Right now is one of those times I really wish I could be one of those people that can fall asleep in just about any position under just about any circumstances. I'm a finicky sleeper as it is and this belly just isn't helping, lol.

Man oh man do I wish my pregnancy pillow would get here soon, I could really use it.

*UPDATE* I checked on the shipping status of my pillow this morning, and evidently the holidays has them held up - I cannot expect it until the 26th. This doesn't work! :P So I found a cheap regular body pillow at Kmart's website ($10 if anyone is curious) which I hope the brick and mortar store carries here (which they probably do as I have never seen that particular store *not* have body pillows). That should suffice until my real pillow gets here. :)

*UPDATE 2* Of course, the store here doesn't have any body pillows in stock. :P Fortunately though someone gave me a loaner. :)

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