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>BetaNews | MySpace Deleting Sex Offender Profiles
The MySpace profiles of a "few thousand" convicted sex offenders have been removed, the popular social networking site said Tuesday. But the company says it will not hand over the users' names to states requesting the data.

The company had previously announced a program in December that will identify and block sex offenders that were attempting to use the site. Called Sentinel Safe, the technology matches information on profiles with a database of about 550,000 sex offenders nationwide.

MySpace is also being pressured by the Attorneys General of eight states to hand over information on sex offenders using the site by May 29, although the company is declining to do so. It claims both federal and state laws prohibit the release of such information.

Those states requesting the release of data were: Connecticut, Georgia, Idaho, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Mississippi and New Hampshire.

So someone that I don't care to talk to messages me the other night ... I ignore their message but decide to send an email politely reinforcing my boundaries. The reply accused me of deleting his Myspace profile:

After you deleted my Myspace, you want to come and try to be mature? I don't have your stuff, eat a dick. I have no desire to talk to you...ever...again. I'm seriously praying you die in childbirth. I want you to leave me the hell alone, which obviously is to hard for you since you seem to want to continue to poke your self into my life and business. Get over me Jonquil and move on, be with your new guy that you're oh so in love with and say the same things about that you said about me, and probably the guy before that and the guy before that. Grow up kid. Grow up and leave me the hell alone.

Uhh.... yahhhhh....

Word up: Myspace doesn't want sex offenders on their site. They hunt them down and delete them. I don't agree with the practice myself but we won't get in to that... the thing is, if you're a sex offender, and you notice your Myspace profile is suddenly gone, there you have it - the reason why. You're better off joining Facebook, as far as I know they don't do this crap.

The reason why he thinks I did this is because of the post I made about backups. Word to the wise: Myspace takes weeks to delete a reported profile. Some times months. This is coming from someone who hunts phishers on that site for kicks.

The way I know about the sex offender thing is because someone I know was having the same exact problem. He put up a profile, kept it for a couple of months, and then one day it disappeared. He went through probably about 4 accounts, refusing to email Myspace about it, so I started doing some research. What's really funny about it is at the time I thought it was only a matter of time before this other person's profile got taken down, considering he had just starting being required to register. I also wondered if he would start blaming me for it. I guess I found out.

BTW, remind me to stop giving people the benefit of the doubt.

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