>I’m not the only one now ;)

2:15 AM

>The baby woke David up the other night kicking him in the back, lol. And now from time to time I feel it doing something... but I'm not really sure what it's doing... I just know it feels weird, lol. The best guess I can make is that it's just shifting position or something.

My skin on my stomach hurts, especially around my belly button... I think it's caused by my skin stretching. Something I've found that works EXTREMELY well for making it feel better is Lubiderm lotion. I cover my stomach, sides, and even get inside my belly button with it and all is well and it feels great going on as well (that particular lotion isn't creamy or greasy, just slippy... I guess that's where the name comes from, lol). And I know my skin is stretching because my belly button now is a huge gap instead of the little slit it used to be, lol. I just hope I won't end up having to take my belly button jewelry out.

And something odd is happening with my legs whenever I spend a lot of time up on them... they get all red and blue and purple and blotchy... it goes away after I sit for a while... dunno if that's normal or not, I can only guess it is as I know I'm supposed to expect swelling in that area and that may be just what's causing it. I can never tell if I'm swollen somewhere so it would make sense that I would notice that and not the swelling. :P

My feet and my back hurt almost all the time now, lol. Stretching helps a lot with my back, and my feet feel a little better if I just prop them up for a bit. I'm thinking about picking up some Epsom salts and another foot spa when ever possible as I'm sure a good foot soaking at night would do wonders.

I also really, really need the pregnancy pillow I ordered a while back, but it's not going to show up until Thanksgiving day. :( I'm not sleeping very well right now and I really think it's because I now have this big stomach that I can't lean on or lay on or any of that, it seems like with each passing day I come closer and closer to the only feasible sleeping position being on my back.... and we all know how much sleeping on your back sucks, lol. Not to mention I'm not even *supposed* to sleep on my back because I have problems with sleep paralysis and that more than anything (next to sleep deprivation) will trigger an attack.

Speaking of bed... I feel like a rolly polly in bed now, lol.

Oh, and I want to mention something that doesn't seem to get mentioned very often as being a pregnancy symptom (understandably too, as it's not really something you want to broadcast) but is very real... leukorrhea. Let me tell you right now you DO want to get panty liners as soon as this starts, it may start out light but it will get heavier (at least it did for me). Also, if you don't like the feeling of a pad, try the ones that are made for thongs... you can use them in other styles of panties without losing effectiveness and they have less there in the back which is where you usually tend to feel the pad the most.

And ummm hmmm... that's all I can think of to write about for now. :)

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