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>ConsumerReports.org - Cribs, safer sleeping 4/07
# Don't dress your baby too warmly. Overheating may be a contributor to SIDS. Keep the temperature in your baby's room between 68 and 72

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  1. >Your baby generally needs one more layer of clothing than you do. Don't be anal about the room temperature, unless it reaches "too hot" or "too cold". One more layer of clothes than you feel comfy in.James didn't take a pacifier, so I got lucky. Use one if you want, but know it can become a habit like cigarettes to an adult. The first birthday thing is important, because the damn things can alter the way the kids' teeth grow.The wearable sleep sacks are priceless until about 4am when you are stumbling through the house with your eyes glued shut trying to find the damn snaps and zippers. But they still remain priceless.Don't smoke.The soft bedding thing can be bad, but I want you to consider this: babies are to be put to bed on their back, and generally will not roll over in their cribs until they are roughly four months old. That being said, where is the carbon dioxide going to build? Do beware of too much fluff, because as he starts to kick and move in his sleep, it can fall over his face and stuff. That's why they say that. I believe that if the baby is tucked in like it's supposed to be, he won't have that issue at all, because he will be restricted by the blanket anyway. See what I'm getting at?The taking your baby to bed with you is something that I had a problem with. On nights where I just couldnt keep my eyes open, I am guilty of taking him to bed with me. I was afraid that Tony or I would roll on him, but frankly, as much as I move in my sleep, it was still impossible. In fact I awoke many mornings, not being able to move my upper body at all because I had been in the same position for 5 hours. We took precautions though, and had a nice set up. We basically made a baby pyramid: Stiffest pillow between the two adults and the baby on top between us. He didn't move, we didn't move, and when the ear piercing began, I was within close range to hear it. I do NOT reccommend breast feeding in bed. At all.DO keep the crib away from windows and stuff, that is SOUND advice. In fact, when you purchase crib bumpers and put them on, tie the strings as close to the outside of the crib as possible. Skip the electric blankets and water bottles as well. Remember this: ONE MORE LAYER OF CLOTHES THAT YOU ARE COMFORTABLE IN will suffice. You should also know that your body temperature will regulate his. If he is hot, you can cool him off and if he is cold, you can heat him up by holding him skin to skin. That means take your shirt off. When Jay was in the hospital, I used to hold him, and the nurses advised me to take off my shirt so that I could raise his temperature. I did not believe that it would work the other way as well, but it does. To this day, if he is feverish, I can hold him skin to skin and his temperature will drop. It's hormones, man.That's all I got for now. More later.