>hmm… something they don’t tell you…

12:46 AM

>Ok, I want to know why no one told me that when the baby starts to outgrow your belly and your belly starts to protrude that it freaking HURTS! Resources all say you'll experience "some discomfort"... this is beyond discomfort. It's like wearing clothing that is too small only you can't take the clothing off because it's your skin... and your skin hurts because it's being stretched beyond your means. Then there's your belly button which is getting stretched and pushed so much that you're afraid you're going to pop and all your guts are going to come spilling out. Sometimes I feel like I have to hold my stomach just to keep it from exploding. :(

I have cooked up a little formula to make it feel better but even though the stretching skin pain goes away the belly button pressure does not. I was told by another woman that I can expect this for the next couple of weeks.... yay. *cough*

Anyways, this is what I'm doing right now to help relieve it... twice a day (once in the morning and once at night) I am massaging my stomach, sides, thighs, and breasts with Lubiderm lotion (the idea is that the massage stimulates circulation while the lotion provides moisture). Then I follow that up with a thin layer of A&D (I was trying the Lubiderm alone but it wasn't lasting long enough, so I knew I needed something to seal it in... A&D seemed like a logical seal due to the vitamins A & D - which are cell growth helpers - combined with lanolin, which soothes and also helps promote healing). So far it is working quite well... the Lubiderm gives instant relief and feels so nice going on... the A&D makes the moisture stay and after a few days with putting that on top of the Lubiderm the stretching skin "discomfort" has pretty much went away completely except when it's getting close to time to redo the lotion/ointment and even then it is very mild. I can reasonably take a shower too without any problems (showers used to feel nice... until I got out and my skin started drying off!).

That solution made me really happy too... I didn't know what to do, but I figured it out just based on what I knew about skin and what things would do what. It definitely helped me feel more confident in myself and my ability to deal with whatever comes up. And if I haven't got a clue there's always my mom and my grandma to ask, lol. Both of them have a lot of knowledge, albeit in different areas. Mom understands a lot of the baby gear and understands more about child mental development/psychology than she thinks she does. My grandma tends to know all the aches and pains and problems and what herb or vitamin or old school remedy will cure them, lol.

I dunno what to do about the belly button issue though.... I keep thinking of a belly belt but ummm yah I don't think that will work, lol.

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