3:21 AM

>Something that really gets on my nerves...


No, not like party invites you get in the mail but like download this I'm on it invites, or go to this site I'm on it invites. They're freaking ridiculous, and annoying as all if you get a whole bunch of the same invite from different people at the same time.

It's not hard to avoid spamming your friends with invites. Most sites offer you the option of skipping the invite process. But they take advantage of one small annoying habit of the general population... blind click bys. What's that? Well my friend, that's where you just click "next" over and over again without even reading what's on the screen in front of you or what options are being offered. That's how your ISP screws you out of being able to legally expect ANYTHING out of them, even internet service itself, via the infamous "Terms of Service" i.e. "TOS". That's how the software companies rape you... but that's not the focus of this post. The focus is this:

Don't blind click by, first of all. That one is obvious. Second... and this one is aimed at the companies.... stop spamming us! Just because you found a legal slip by doesn't make it any less than absolute spam. It's crap, and I for one don't want it. In fact if I get a lot of spam from a site... even if it is coming from my friends... you better believe I won't be touching that site, at least not for a long time. Just because I HATE YOUR SPAM!

Third, I'm pretty sure there are those out there that actually think their friends WANT to get this crap in their inbox... I don't. I'm pretty sure there are others that don't, as well. If you really think a site is soooo great, do us a favor - tell us yourself. Don't rely on cookie cutter invites and you might find a few more than usual friends joining you on that site or service. ;)

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