>I think I’m losing it

7:00 AM

>I can't get rid of this paranoid fear that the baby is just laying there dead in my stomach and my body just *thinks* I'm still pregnant... I know that sounds crazy but I keep getting more and more worried about it and it's driving me crazy. I just don't feel like I can properly gauge if the baby is ok as long as I'm not feeling it kick and I'm not seeing it on a monitor or listening to its heart beat. I'm seriously considering renting or buying a fetal doppler just so I can make sure it's ok.

Am I crazy or is this just the mom syndrome?

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  1. >It's mom's syndrome. I was terrified for months when I was pregnant with James, and the fear will not go away until he was born. I hated it, but I lived through it.I believe that this is a chance for redemption in the eyes of YOURSELF, and that everything will be fine.I love you.