10:38 AM

>I think it is safe to say that I now officially have pregnant belly... you're starting to be able to tell I'm pregnant no matter what I wear (excluding maternity clothes). And it makes me feel the urge to cover up with a jacket a lot, lol. It's not like I'm horrified by it or anything, but I'm just somehow shy about it showing. Maybe it's just the Scorpio tendency to hide things, who knows. *shrugs* I'm ecstatic that it's finally here but at the same time I don't want just any stranger on the street knowing it too, lol.

The acne seems like it's finally gone as well, thank god for that. Not a pleasant symptom... I'm now thinking about our child reading this... sorry babe but not everything about the pregnancy is roses, lol. It doesn't mean I love you any less though. ;)

It is also getting hard to get around. No more laying down and just being able to bounce right back up with out some maneuvering around the fact that I have no tummy muscles, lol.

I'm kind of wondering how big the baby will be... from what I can understand I'm showing rather early and that's supposed to be a sign of a big baby, or twins. But I might just be doing like my mom, too... she carried so heavy with me that they thought I was going to be twins, and I wasn't a big baby either - just 7lbs, your usual average.

My back has been killing me! LOL... to my understanding that's normal at this stage, it has something to do with ligaments stretching, but I really did not expect the aching back to come until I was nice and big, lol.

No kicks yet. :( I'm waiting eagerly for that... I have felt the baby move but it's so light it always leaves me wondering if it was just my imagination or something.

Anyways, that's all that has pretty much been up.... it's so boring at this stage. :( First kick and I'm going to start reading to the baby... that will be fun... if I started that right now though I know I would just feel dumb because I don't have any sign of life down there to tell me it's not wasted effort.

So here I wait patiently.... waiting for your first kick....

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