>more waiting!

8:15 AM

>Some times I think, "Ok, I can't feel any more pregnant than this!" and then I get proven wrong, lol.

I've realized I don't like feeling helpless or useless, and that is exactly why 2nd trimester seems so much worse than 1st. At least with 1st it was stuff like morning sickness... it wasn't like I actually had to stop doing anything I normally did or slow down doing anything I normally did. Now though I feel myself slowing down each day... and there's always something new that is suddenly a lot more difficult to accomplish. It gets frustrating at times... at other times I wonder if something is "wrong" with me... and then at other times I just have to sit back and sigh and accept that I'm just a baby carrier/incubator right now and there's nothing that can be done about it until May, lol (I know that sounds harsh but it's not meant to). Now I understand why they say active women are most likely to have the roughest time with fatigue.

I'm getting tired of the baby being "it"... I'm ready to find out if "it" is a boy or a girl already! That's not coming just yet though... my next OB visit is just going to be a pap and physical (at least to my understanding, they surprised me with the last ultrasound so they might do that again). So... right now I have an "it" kicking and flip flopping in my stomach, lol.

I am thankfully though sleeping soundly at night now... my pregnancy pillow came in, and it has a very fitting name - "Sleeper Keeper" (I believe the name may have changed to "Snoogle", or it's an alternate name, as the two products are the same thing). It's a rounded pillow that positions my body just right for whatever sleeping position I want to take... I can even manage to lay "on" my stomach now (technically the pillow holds me up so I'm not actually laying on my stomach).

I also found a way to fit in to several of my favorite pairs of jeans again... if you take a hair band and loop it around the button hole, then hook it around the button, it gives you some more room. :)

Now I just want to stop to say that David has been absolutely wonderful and I don't think I stress that enough... he looks out for me and tells me when I need to slow down at times I may be pushing myself too hard and not realize it... he helps me get around when I have a rough time or get "stuck" lol... when I get all bent out of shape because something needs to be done and I don't have the energy he'll take care of it... he shows an ungodly amount of patience with me when I get cranky... and he always has time to cuddle. There is also not a day that goes by without him telling me he loves me and that I'm beautiful. And he looks at me with such conviction and feeling that I honestly feel he *does* love me and he *does* think I'm beautiful and that it's not just words. He even pampers me in little ways, like putting my body cream on for me or massaging my back. And yes, I realize how very, very lucky I am to have him... there are a lot of guys out there that wouldn't do even half of what he does for me. He is going to make such a great daddy and I will be so proud to make him my husband! :D

Well, that's pretty much all I have to report for now... ciao!

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