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8:26 AM

>I wish to speak to you of the importance of backups. Backups are vital, and I rarely see people back their crap up the way they should. You don't have to backup everything in existence or even make multiple backups, just one will do, the fact is - you have one just in case. And that "case" often comes a lot more often than we would like.

Today I tried to log in to my del.icio.us account that I haven't used in several months but decided I wanted to start using again in conjunction with foxylicious to organize my bookmarks. I usually have a small handful of passwords I use that change frequently for important accounts, but with not so important ones - like a freaking social bookmarking website that I have a serious love sometimes/hate the rest of the time type relationship with - I use the crap password. The crap password is the one that changes once in a blue moon and that gets used on lots of sites I don't really care about.

Now, someone knew the password to that account, and changed both the associated email account and the password so I can't access it. Had that only been my only backup of my bookmarks I would've been screwed. Lucky for me it wasn't even close - I keep a hard media copy plus another sync tool with a different password associated with it, this one one that changes frequently.

The digital age is great. Someone burned family photos including baby Polaroids... that sucks, but it's not nearly as devastating as it could be - I have them all backed up on both hard media and online. Scanners are good like that.

The thing is you can't be lazy though. It's not just blind luck, it's foresight. Ok, some day I might blankety blank blank and lose this, so I'll back it up some where else. I don't understand what is so hard about this concept for some people. Think about before computers... you got two copies of a picture along with the negative just in case... you kept your letters and important papers locked up safe and tight... and not to say you don't still do those things, but now that those things are moving in to a digital form, doesn't it make sense to back them up just in case as well? Computers and the internet are not magical things that will keep everything nice and safe for you forever. Actually nothing is but that's going beyond the point. ;)

You would be surprised at how many business owners don't back up their files. You'd be surprised at how many business owners can't spell the freaking word "business".

I wanna be sedated.

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