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Oh, for Pete's sake, stop being obsessive and just give it up already. The only reason I can come up with you doing this is that you somehow think that by doing so you're causing some major aggravation or trouble for me. I assure you, you're not. Blocking your IP is as simple as cutting, pasting, and then clicking save. You know full and well I'm a stubborn girl as well so it's not like you're going to tire me out. I don't know what you keep expecting to find here. Knowing you, you're probably just wanting to see something like "my life is a disaster" so you can reassure yourself that my life was much better when I was with you and I missed out on so much. Sorry to disappoint, but I am the happiest I ever have been and even if tomorrow I fall flat on my butt it would still be a heck of a lot better than any of the crap I've gone through with you, which is really sad in reflection upon you. You in no way whatsoever have a good heart, and because of that you will never be able to hold up so much as a candle to most other people no matter what they do or have half the promise that they do in their lives - that includes George, because despite what I went through with him and vice versa, we both have good hearts and good promise in our lives. People may not see through the facade at first, but they always do eventually, just as I did. You can't fake a good heart for long.

You can also try to look down on me all you want. Honestly, I don't care, because I think even while you do it you know you're just spitting bile and nothing more. You talk about how you have such a great future compared to mine - what's funny about it is you've been going to school for how long? 4 years? And you still don't have a degree to show for it. Have you ever even been able to hold down a job for more than 6 months? Then you rely on your family and your girlfriend to support you because you claim you can't support yourself. Even without going to school I have done better than you so far in caring for myself, and have done so without anyone's help. And now that I've started (without anyone's help, once again), I have the funny feeling that I will be out and on with my career and my next degree long before you even see your first, doing something I already had the talant and aptitude for.

You're on probation, and you can't even follow the rules when it comes to that. And should anyone say or do anything about you not following those rules, of course you blame them for it rather than yourself. In fact, you're not even capable of writing a logical steam of sentences such as these without using middle school grammar and insults, which really reflects well on your maturity level. You even will go as far as to call someone an idiot just because they know how to do something that you don't. You've been in programming classes for a loooong time and you still only have the most basic computer skills and no basic drive, talant, or skills regarding graphic design and/or video game programming short of just playing video games. That's like pursuing a career in football just because you like to watch it. I won't even go in to the other thing you're wanting to do - somehow I have a feeling the military will either be kicking you out or maybe just maybe actually making a man out of you.

I will not discuss your attitude towards people, either. Let's just leave it at you believe you have every right to own them and every right to keep them faithful to you without actually returning any of it. And since things don't work that way, it pisses you off.

You haven't actually earned or worked for anything in your life, have you? And it shows. And that probably pisses you off too, doesn't it?

My, what a stressful life to lead. A whole world of people and things and situations that piss you off because none of it works the way you think it should, and after all, it should work the way you think it should, because you're god, right? Heh.

I think all those video games rotted your brain as a kid.

There's what I think of you. And omg, it actually makes sense! Now try calling me and David "trailer trash" again. Or, here's one! Try calling me an "idiot" again because you can't figure out how to block an email address and assume that I can't since you can't! That was really hilarious, and I'm glad I forgot to change my junk mail filtering to everything being deleted instead of being delivered to the junk mail folder, because that truly was priceless.

How about "I'm seriously praying you die in childbirth".... that certainly did a lot of damage. I'm sure God is really going to answer that prayer. :P

*shakes my head* Come to think of it, I don't know what the big deal has been. You're just another moron in a world full of morons. I'm going to quit even bothering. You can read about my life all you want. Maybe you'll learn something, ha.

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