>christmas afterthoughts

2:40 PM

>There were a few interesting things that happened this Christmas... the most profound probably being the following statement I made to one of my friends:

And sometimes you've just gotta accept some of your family isn't going to want to spend time with you on Christmas/Eve. Yah, it sucks, but it happens to just about everyone. I haven't spent one single Christmas with my mom since I was 16, and have never spent a Christmas with my stepdad. I tried to get something arranged with them this year and they blew me off. You can get pissed about it, but what good does that do you? Now you're all pissy and it hasn't changed anything, everything is still the same, only you're feeling crappy when you could be getting on with your life, having fun, and being happy about what you *do* have on Christmas. Christmas isn't supposed to "be" any particular way, that's just an idea the media shoves down your throat so if you've got money you'll spend more and more of it trying to make things the way they're "supposed" to be. It's a celebration of winter, period (and other things depending on your religious background). It's yet another time of year where you should be grateful for what you've got and thinking of those who have less.

However, interestingly enough, I still found myself missing them today, and almost succumbed to tears at one point. I wasn't angry with them... I just missed them. You can't stop that. You can stop the anger, but you can't help missing your family. And that's what I think I was missing when I first initially made that post on my friend's blog when she was blowing off steam about her sister's lack of interest in spending Christmas with her.

Despite that weak moment, though, I still managed to have fun today. We hung out at David's grandparents with his big brother and his girlfriend (who incidentally is also pregnant, 1 month ahead of me, and positively gorgeous). Christmas Eve we did one of our favorite things - wandering around downtown and seeing what new stuff we could dig up. This time we found a restaurant that serves up traditional German food (which we are going to hit up as soon as they're open) and discovered Earth's Cauldron is still miraculously alive. We were going to go to midnight mass (and my first time in a Catholic church) but I fell asleep as soon as we got home and David didn't have the heart to wake me up, lol. Oh, and we got Yugi-Oh decks... and I'm not really sure why except we're both curious as to what all the fuss is about and a little bored with Magic the Gathering.

There's more, but I'm not quite ready to talk about it yet. There is a girl that I really want to punch ATM though...

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