>finally! and then finally…

9:04 AM

>I have finally got a system working in which I can use my Zen. Unfortunately, a long the way I have found out that it seems the only way I can use it is by dual booting with XP. List of things I tried:

  • native Linux support

  • Wine emulation

  • 98SE USB installation (so I could just boot from USB and go... unfortunately 98SE doesn't like Vista ready hardware it seems)

  • 98SE installation to an old PC (While Zen makes legacy drivers, those drivers are only good for reading media from the device - they will not let you actually write to the device)

On each of these I exhausted Google looking for solutions and even tried some of my own. Not a single one worked, and the only reason I can figure out why is because Creative simply does not want you using their player with any system that doesn't have the newest and greatest DRM on it. I figure it is only a matter of time before they nix XP support.

Shame, shame, SHAME on you, Creative.

On a side note - I really like the Zen. I wouldn't have bothered with all of this if I didn't. But I have found that it's lacking something I really want out of a media player that doesn't seem to be readily available right now - good Linux support. No DRM nonsense, just a media player that works with whatever operating system you throw it in with (so long as there are drivers, and as long as there are users that can access the hardware specs of a device (open hardware), there will be drivers, so the company that makes this wished for player wouldn't even really have to bother worrying too much about having a driver for every system out there). It would make things so insanely simple...

That will probably never happen but a girl can dream, can't she?

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