>it finally happened…

8:57 AM

>Today I went clothing shopping and I noticed something odd...

I don't have a belly button any more! The shape is still there but the depth is absent. It's not an outie but it is strangely gone, a smooth round circle on my stomach rather than a hole. I came very close to crying in the dressing room just because the sight was so strange. I know it's normal at this point but it still was so freaking weird to see it on my body.

I've also finally resigned myself to the fact that I simply am not going to get huge (big stomach and breasts). Part of me is relieved but another part of me wishes I would get the classic pregnant look that Heather has going on. Meanwhile I know if I did get that big I would probably be saying I wish I was smaller and be crying about being fat, lol. There actually was a period of time where I thought I was way bigger than I should be and was crying about being fat, lol. It still kind of stinks though that when wearing a hoodie, t-shirt, or other loose fitting type tops you still can't tell I'm pregnant. :(

It's pretty amazing now how the baby has started showing me its preferences and how aware it is of things going on outside. It wiggles like crazy when I eat something it likes... if I get hungry and don't eat something immediately it starts kicking me to let me know it's hungry, too, lol. I even know exactly when it wakes up. :)

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