>time for an update

11:29 AM

>I figured it's time for an update on how things are going... some of it's not so great, some of it is great, so bear with me. ;)

First, the not so great - I can't find any schools that offer online massage therapy training, so that's out. My insurance company informed me my insurance had died after the fact and I received their letter 2 days before my OB appointment. I called my OB and they said with no insurance I would have to pay $70 upfront for my next visit, which I don't have. So I missed that... I also tried going to the health department to apply for Medicaid. I don't have transportation to obtain a proof of pregnancy paper from my OB, so I was hoping they could fax it or that I could get tested at the health department and get it that way. The health department told me that they would not accept a fax from my OB and that they would not test me because I'm so far along and I already have an OB, and of course without it I can't apply for Medicaid. On top of all of this I have been having issues getting the food, privacy, and rest that I need, and the reason why goes into a story I don't care to tell here.

Now for the great news... I found out the state of Florida allows one to apply for Medicaid and food stamps online, which I did. If they take longer than a week to make their decision on my eligibility I have a source obtained from my grandma that can "cut the red tape" for me so I can get everything put through quicker. I had already decided that I would go through the training for medical assisting (something I can take online) just to enable myself to get a better income, vehicle, etc. and go to St. Augustine for massage therapy training, but I had issues with the fact it would mean two years in school for something I don't want to do just to be able to take the two years training for what I really want to do. My girl Shannon suggested to me today that if I had no problems with blood Phlebotomy might be something to look into. Something to look into indeed... the training only takes 165 hours, the income is something like $40,000 a year (even though I'll be happy with $20,000 even), it's a very in-demand career here in Palatka, and the community college here offers classes in it. Score! I hope. ;) It's not what I ultimately want to do but it will enable me to do what I want to do without having to put just as much effort in to it as I will be putting in to what I really want to do (massage therapy). Only issue being I'm not all that sympathetic towards people that hate needles, lol.

The baby is doing well, as far as I know. He/she likes to kick the cat when he's in my lap, lol. I can't wait to see the look on TJ's face when one day the baby kicks him and he feels it, hehe. The baby has also gotten where it responds to other outside stimuli, such as loud noises (kick) and certain foods (usually wiggle, sometimes kick). I still don't "look" pregnant, just fat. I'm hoping that changes over the next month since it will be month 5. I'm getting tired of people saying I don't look pregnant when I know full and well I can't fit into half of my jeans any more and the other half I have to stretch the waist by using a hair tie. I have the round tummy, it just doesn't stick out far enough. :(

I let myself get anemic on accident. I knew it was either my iron or my B vitamins that were low, I just couldn't figure out which. I got my answer tonight when I wolfed down half a can of spinach and then started feeling better, lol. So I'm going to start taking an iron pill regularly with my prenatal. I don't like iron pills for certain side effects but it's a lot better than feeling tired and having palpitations all the time.

Well, that's all for now. Toodles. :)

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