>so now I’m “fat”…

7:35 AM

>I guess I should record here what happened yesterday. I went and applied for WIC yesterday and actually got told by their so-called nutritionist that I was fat. I also got haggled about drinking 2% milk instead of skim, not eating meat, drinking a can of soda every once in a while (I normally drink ice water), and eating french fries.

I currently weigh 147 lbs. My BMI is 22.3. You can just look at me and tell I'm not even close to being fat. And the lady that told me this looked like a diet fanatic herself (not to mention talked like one).

She also told me not to gain any weight for the next 2 months.

Don't worry, I reported her. And while she had me ready to start bawling at first I gained my senses later on. It still pisses me off though every time I think of that, and of how many women like me she's probably told the same thing, and how many may have not known any better and actually attempted to stay at the same weight for several months... I don't even like to think of how many may have tried losing weight, or have denied their cravings and then went hungry as a result.

2% milk has 5 grams of fat in 8 oz. Whoopee doo doo. I don't see what the big deal is unless you're trying to diet. Then I can see why one would choose skim milk because, well, every bit helps. But I have been drinking 2% for years without any problems with weight gain. In fact, my diet has pretty much stayed the same except for the following:

I crave french fries and ranch dressing. If I don't get at least a few french fries and ranch dressing when this craving hits, I end up not eating until I do. It's not on purpose, and I have tried forcing myself to eat something else. When I do it just ends up getting thrown away because it tastes like cardboard and makes me sick, not to mention the longer I go without it the grouchier I get. If I get a few french fries in though, I can eat anything else I want. That's how I've been managing this craving without just pigging on on fries.

I have a huge aversion to meat. Everything but seafood. Just smelling it makes me sick a good 80-90% of the time. I manage this by eating other things that have lots of protein in them, such as peanut butter and beans. I normally am not too big on meat anyways so it's not very hard for me to do, in fact, it's pretty natural.

I also have an aversion to white flour. I've been managing this by eating potato bread instead of white bread, which is actually healthier for me anyways.

Other than those things my diet has stayed at the norm, and the norm for me tends to be healthy food - fruits and veggies and whole grains and dairy and beans. I rarely eat junk food, I'm not addicted to frying everything, I don't like a lot salt on anything, and I don't even put much if any butter on stuff and if I do it's freaking yogurt disguised as butter because I like the taste of it better than butter or margarine. I drink ice water all the time, although occasionally I will grab a can of soda as a little treat. It's not like I've never been in to a whole lot of fat and junk food and soda and all that, it's just that I realized I like healthy food better and it makes me feel better. When you realize how good you feel when you focus on good food and let the junk not be a complete no-no but an occasional treat to be treated with all the care you do alcohol it is not hard at all to keep yourself eating healthy.

Oh, and I walk, all the time. I love walking. That's another once you realize how good it makes you feel it's not hard to keep going type thing. If given a choice between driving to the store and walking, assuming I don't have to carry a bunch of bags, walking is always my first choice.

So yahhh... the overweight thing was way out of line. Just because I do not go crazy trying to diet myself to death does not mean I'm unhealthy, and had she done a freaking blood test she would've seen that, since she obviously couldn't just look at me and tell (although I seriously doubt she would've been able to read the blood test either :P). I wish Dr. Bennett could've been there to witness that, he would've hit the roof!

In other news, sleeping is starting to get downright impossible. My sides are sore from having to sleep on them all the time, and my pregnancy pillow is now flat as a board, lol. I've been working on fluffing it back up today, hopefully I'll be able to get it back in to shape. If not, I think I'm going to just go for a regular body pillow.

And that's pretty much it. I'm still having bouts of grouchiness and depression, but that's normal, I know, and I do my best to keep myself from getting down there and when I do I do my best to snap myself out of it ASAP. It's hard to stay positive when you always feel like a beetle that's gotten flipped over on its back, lol. :P

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