6:33 AM

>I seem to have caught a case of the grouchies. Everything is upsetting me, everything gets under my skin, everything is making me cry or yell. I literally don't know what to do with myself because I even get on *my* nerves. To further compound things...

After all this time, Mike is still stalking me. If I tell him to quit he starts complaining that I'm not leaving *him* alone. I've blocked his IP but now he's resorted to using Google cache. By law what he is doing is illegal but I can't report him because Georgia won't take reports over the phone and Florida won't fax a report to Georgia. So I've had to make my sites registered user only. That's my only defense now short of just pulling the plug and disappearing completely from the internet. I'm seriously beginning to think that might be the best thing to do. He might think he's "won" but right now the only thing I care about is protecting our child, and he is showing himself to be a seriously unstable and disturbed soul. George is trying to talk me out of doing that... he says that then I'll just be letting Mike "win"... but in reality, with the attitude he's showing, him winning would be knowing about my life. I already plan on leaving Palatka as soon as possible because right now it's a bad idea that he even knows I live in this town.

Am I crazy for not trusting this guy? I will let you be the judge.

How about you stop being a paranoid bitch and leave me the fuck alone?
Not to mention look up stalking in the law books? Last time I checked
I have the basic freedom to visit any website I choose, type any
opinion I wish, or even dial any number I wish... if you don't like it
well guess what? It's just too damn bad. Oh, and looking back on it,
you're the one who's mailed me, not vice versa so if anything I should
tell you to quit pestering me.

To recap: I'm not stalking you, quit being a drama queen. No, I'm not
going to stop doing whatever the hell it is I'm doing that's bugging
you because.. well... I'm not doing anything.

BYYY the way... I thought my email was blocked eh? You devious trickster you.

Have a lovely, constitutionally protected day!

On 12/17/07, Jonquil <vixenk@gmail.com> wrote:
> Stop stalking me. That includes:
> - phone
> - mail
> - in person
> - computer (instant messaging, email, etc.)
> - broadcast (online profiles, websites, etc.)

Sure sure Jonquil, hence why you made all your posts about backups. Yeah, that was just convenient timing eh?
Again you show your ignorance, there is nothing wrong or illegal about me being on Myspace.. so take your holier than thou attitude and shove it up your ass. Lets not forget you are now pregnant for the SECOND time, unwed, no decent job to speak of, and have the prospective future of your average high school drop out.
And finally, you sent ME the email you dumb bitch, I do not have your stuff and by your own wording that means the matter is closed and you have no desire or reason to contact me again right? Yet... you still do... why? No, thats a rhetorical question you stupid bitch I don't really want an answer... in fact I don't want anymore mail from you ever. I'm just going to go back to praying to whatever is listening that you meet a long, slow, painful, and tragic end. With any luck it will happen after your child is born so your offspring has to grow up dealing with that pain as well. The pinnacle would be it happening DURING your childbirth, maybe you'll both be removed and the world will be a better place or perhaps it will survive and have to carry the guilt that most do when a death occurs during birth. Either way the chaos, discord, and pain it brings to your life will please me greatly as well the thought of what you are in store for that I don't think your obviously short-sighted intellect has begun to grasp.

Now, go fuck yourself and gtfa from me. Better yet go play in traffic for real this time, instead of leaving an attention whore voicemail on my phone.
fuck you

On 11/14/07, Jonquil <vixenk@gmail.com> wrote:
a. I didn't delete your Myspace

b. You're not supposed to BE on Myspace in the first place and if you want to blame anyone blame Myspace for not wanting sexual offenders on their site, or blame the government and the media for making the playground so small. There are sex offenders out there that are following the rules or forced to follow them and there is no reason why you should be an exception. Grow up.

c. If you want to be left alone, leave me the hell alone. Period.

----- Original Message -----

From: Mike Posey

To: Jonquil

Sent: Wednesday, November 14, 2007 2:25 PM

Subject: Re:

After you deleted my Myspace, you want to come and try to be mature? I don't have your stuff, eat a dick. I have no desire to talk to you...ever...again. I'm seriously praying you die in childbirth. I want you to leave me the hell alone, which obviously is to hard for you since you seem to want to continue to poke your self into my life and business. Get over me Jonquil and move on, be with your new guy that you're oh so in love with and say the same things about that you said about me, and probably the guy before that and the guy before that. Grow up kid. Grow up and leave me the hell alone.

On 11/14/07, Jonquil <vixenk@gmail.com> wrote:

You know, I thought good and hard last night about whether or not I should even attempt to say one word to you. I figure what the heck though... you should at least know my boundaries.

1. I am not interested in talking to you except in the event that you decide you want to return my things. I don't need you to remind me that this is not possible for whatever reason you finally chose. I do think you need to be reminded that this impossible feat is the only way I will talk to you, period. Return my things, then we'll talk. As far as I'm concerned that's the only "unfinished business" we have left.

2. Should that happen I am willing to talk as long as the conversation is kept mature and in the spirit of developing a friendship, nothing more and nothing less. I am not interested in arguing, insults, gloating, or any of that crap. It's all over, done, and gone, and there's absolutely no point in beating a dead horse.

3. Note that just saying you'll return my stuff isn't going to be a clever way to get me in to a conversation. You say the word and I'm only interested in that time at making arrangements. Only after my stuff is physically in my possession will I be willing to have a real conversation and patch things up.

Finally, I just wanted to tell you congratulations. It looks like we both got what we were finally looking for in the end, and it makes me happy that things have turned out so well for both of us.

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