>thinking some more…

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>I would either like an assisted home hypnobirth with a midwife in attendance or a birth center with minimal pain medication (basically, just something to help lessen the pain rather than numb me or make me disorientated). Oh, and I'm kind of curious about water birth. That's pretty much it, lol.

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  1. >If you dont want it to hurt, keep that nice body of your limber.If you can have that baby without any pain medicine, do it. I, the weakling that I am, couldn't, and now, I'm pretty well permanantly fucked up for the rest of my life. Don't let them put a needle in your spine.

  2. >I can help you explore both your options for home birth and birth centers in your area, if you want to email or call. My experience with birth (in hospitals, homes and birth centers) for over 25 years puts me in a unique position. Hypnobirth is wonderful and just exemplifies what I always tell women, "Birth happens between your ears, not your legs." What you think about pain, what your current coping practices are, what stories you BELIEVE about birth and your abilities, all influence you more than the actual process itself. Your body does know what to do, but only if you let it. Babies have two purposes at this early stage of life - 1. to be born and 2. to attach to your breast in the first hour. Beyond that, their biology requires them to be close, protected, nurtured and loved.Your hormones work soooo much better and in concert with the baby when there are no drugs on board. I would be happy to email you some articles to help you make that decision easier and to be able to explain your decisions to people by science and not just intuition. No matter what you choose, the first hour is far more important to the health of your baby and you. One last thought - water is THE most important pain management tool that you can use either at home, in a birth center and in some cases hospitals. Check it out.Wishing you a wonderful and joy-filled pregnancy and birth!!Barbara Harper, RN, CLD, MidwifeFounder/DirectorWaterbirth InternationalAuthor, Gentle Birth Choices book & DVDwww.waterbirth.org503-673-0026We LOVE helping women get into Hot Water!!and have been doing it for 25 years!!