>it’s time out for another post about daddy

6:10 AM

>Once again, please give David a huge round of applause. He has been the sweetest, most patient and supportive guy I think has ever walked the earth. I know it's not just rough for me but rough for him as well, but he still takes the time out to try to make sure I'm comfortable and happy. Last night I was low on something and I didn't know what, and I was starving but I couldn't figure out what I wanted nor what I needed to eat. He kept asking me what I wanted, and to let him know if I wanted/needed anything and that he would go and get anything I wanted/needed. He also checks with me almost every day to make sure that I took my vitamins and that I'm drinking plenty of milk and water. He's also almost always willing to give me a back massage. :) And, well, there's a whole lot more to add to this list but I'm going to keep it short and just say he's making a wonderful father so far and the baby isn't even out in the world yet. God, I love my man!

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