>randomness, woot

10:51 AM

>There is a woman on one of the forums I frequent that is having quite a rough time with the father of her unborn child. I won't go in to the full story but right now this guy is telling her that if she doesn't move to another state with him that it means she's a bad mother and separating him from his baby.

Do I really need to make a rant about this? To me at least, it's pretty clear as day what a jerk-off this guy is. And what is so heart breaking about it to me is how incredibly sweet this woman is... a good guy would be falling all over himself for her.

Why do good women end up with horrible guys? Or vice versa? What is up with that? Ok, so maybe I have some idea of what is really up with that...

Good people have a hard time believing that there are bad people out there.

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