>Toshiba, you quite simply *SUCK*

7:23 AM

>The other day I decided to finally install the sound drivers for this Toshiba Satellite so as to stop the annoying motherboard beeps that XP blared at me every time it felt the need to make sound. The only driver I could find for the sound was only compatible with AMD chipsets. Puzzled, I installed SiSoftware Sandra and took a look at the chipset, expecting to see your average Intel chipset number. Nope, the chipset was some Toshiba branded model.

Let me repeat - it was Toshiba branded. Uh-huh. Since when did OEMs start manufacturing their own chipsets? Maybe I'm just out of the loop, or maybe I just never noticed it before with laptops. That's reasonable...

So I hop over to Toshiba's website to download the what turns out to be non-existent sound driver. It's bad enough they only have Vista drivers for this model, but to top things off they don't even have a Vista sound driver available on the website. Which means you absolutely have to use the pre-installed OEM version of Vista in order to have functioning sound (or, of course, install a Linux distro).

I've never in my life seen such serious lock-in. Non standard chipset and no driver support beyond the OEM installed OS. WTF?

So I start typing up an email to one of my friends in order to tell him the story of what was going on. At the time I found it amazing, hilarious, and also extremely annoying. I wanted to see if he had ever ran in to the same problem.

The screen froze, so I rebooted. No post on boot. So I pull the battery pack out and leave it for a while. Come back, and now the BIOS is showing me a password screen. *sighs*

I start searching for something telling me how to reset the BIOS. Sorry, nope, not going to happen. The only thing I can pull up is that it has to be taken to a stupid Toshiba service center in order to reset the BIOS. I go back to Toshiba's website. Low and behold, it's a known issue. They won't charge you to fix it, thank God, but you do have to go to one of their service centers to get it fixed. Of course, there's none to be found around here. Oh, and the BIOS update was older than the laptop itself. -_-;

Toshiba has been completely marked off my list of decent companies. Not just because of that one event but because of the entire series of events that have been one headache after another thanks to their lack of support and secretiveness about their products. Get it together, you morons.

Now I'm on a Dell Inspiron. Hopefully this will behave much better. I'm already glad that Dell provides both XP and Vista drivers on its site, is Ubuntu-friendly, and actually has a decent knowledge base.

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