>dear lord I have never had hair this beautiful…

10:37 AM

>I found a secret... Ok, so maybe not so much a secret. I just finally showed some common sense with my hair and bothered to put my home brew knowledge to work.

Today I was sore, tired, and completely exhausted. I couldn't relax because I was so sore, so I decided to try some pampering and made a special home brew body scrub designed to not only exfoliate but also purify and refresh my skin. I rubbed that all over, then got to thinking how good it would be for my hair and scalp as well, and worked it through my wet hair. Then it all got rinsed out, and I started thinking it would be a good idea to do a deep conditioning treatment... might as well make a home brew there as well. I headed for the kitchen, and stopped at the olive oil. I remembered how Mediterranean people traditionally used it for all their conditioning and cleansing needs, and how beautiful it supposedly made their skin and hair, and decided to try it out as an oil treatment (not hot oil, which I believe weakens your hair too much to make the benefit worth the cost, at least when you have baby fine hair to begin with). I worked some through my hair and massaged it in to my scalp and then left it in for several hours. Next I shampooed it out... and WOW. My hair has never been this healthy, considering everything that I have ever used on it. There is no need for leave in product at all. It's shiny, it's defined, it's bouncy, it's completely frizz-free. The kind of hair you see in commercials but never seem able to achieve yourself. And it feels so soft and silky and... ughhhhh. I love it. I can't stop touching it, lol. I've already decided this little strip and shine is going to start getting repeated once a week. I'm working on figuring out a way to completely replace my conditioner with olive oil.

Wow, wow, and double wow.

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