>of baby stuff

12:27 AM

>The baby shower was yesterday, and I think it went pretty well and everyone had fun. I had fun, anyways. :P Brennan and his cousin both are going to have clothes and blankets coming out their ears, lol. I'm wondering if I'm ever going to have to do laundry while he's wearing 0-3 month clothing, lol.

He's going to be well read, too, with David planning on reading him comics and me planning on reading him a good mix of children's and young adult's books.

Lori brought something really cute for him when she came down that I've never seen before but looks like it will be really useful - a Fisher-Price Learning Patterns Play Dome. It's like a play gym and bouncer rolled in to one with a sunshade and net - which will make it absolutely perfect for the beach. I think poor Lori thought I didn't like it at first because I just kind of stared at the box for a while trying to figure out what it was exactly, lol. I've looked at so much baby stuff it's an utter surprise now if there's something I haven't seen before or at least know what it is.

I kind of felt bad about it because it ruined the surprise but I could tell you exactly what stores most of the gifts came from from at Jon and Heather's shower and ours. I feel like a walking store directory. I'm not really sure if that's normal or not for a pregnant woman but I'm guessing it is as I had a lady in Wal-Mart walk up to me rather than the nearby associate in the baby section and ask if they carried "rubber pants" as she was looking for some for her dog, lol. And it's not just like I spend a lot of time in the baby sections of stores but it's also like while my memory in everything else has gone to dust I have gained the memory of an elephant when it comes to baby stuff. Just ask David, lol.

*sighs* I can't wait for Brennan to get here. I'm tired of being in this strange in-between land. Two more months seems like an eternity.

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