Packing list for the hospital or birth center

5:15 AM

Today I got sugar, hemoglobin, and antibody testing. We also got to check out one of the birthing rooms in Birth & Beyond's birthing center. No T.V. ;), lol, but I figured as much - T.V. just doesn't matter as much to me as not being forced to lay down on a table with my feet up in stirrups, ugh. :P The room was very cozy and home like, complete with a bassinet for the baby and a nice, big bathtub with whirlpool - YEAH! :D I also found out one of the midwives had a hypno-birth experience and she had nothing but glowing reports about it and strongly encouraged I try it out. It was nice hearing it from someone that had been there. :) I love this place more and more every time I go... I have never in my life been so comfortable with any form of doctor or medical center. It's like this big house full of knowledgeable and friendly women. And they really care. They talk to you like a friend, and treat you like a person as opposed to a patient. Not to mention they are all for doing things naturally.... I love it! I really wish my mom could've had an experience like this when she was pregnant with/giving birth to me, she would've loved it as well, especially considering how much she dislikes doctors/hospitals.

Next up - Rhogam shot!

My latest focus has been on getting our suitcase ready for the big day. I've been using this as a guide on what to pack: Packing list for the hospital or birth center - BabyCenter. Another helpful resource can be found here: 10 Things To Pack In Your Pregnancy Hospital Bag – Infographic.

And that's pretty much all that's new. :)

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