>the possible return of the stolen beach cruiser

6:48 PM

>A while back David's beach cruiser got stolen off the porch when we had went back inside the house for 15-30 minutes. He ran off to hunt the guy down that stole it, and after a while I started getting worried about him, so I started following the tracks myself. Then, not far from the house, I saw two guys on bikes riding towards me. I had to squint in the dark to make them out, but I recognized David's bike. I let out a yell and chased them down the street, waving my cell phone at them (I really couldn't think of what else to do at the time, I was pissed beyond rational thinking). Well, thanks to that incident, David managed to track them and his bike down. He showed the cops where they were, but nothing could be done that night because they had hidden the bike inside the house so he couldn't prove they had it.

Well, the cops just contacted David and told him they believe they have it. So - yay! ***UPDATE*** It looked like his bike, but it wasn't - too small.

This is the third time (that I know of) that someone in our neighborhood has had a bike stolen straight from off their porch while they were home. Please, lock stuff like that up or store it inside! Even if you are home, these scum bucket crack heads don't seem to care at all.

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