>whatever happened to good business communication skills

8:07 PM

>Sometimes I wonder if I'm going to make it through this world. Seriously. It seems there are no rules any more and there's just nothing but chaos and paranoia and ignorance. I often wonder why I'm sitting in business communications classes right now when most of the businesses I've observed, from small businesses to large corporations, don't seem to apply any professionalism in their communications. They treat their customers and providers of services they purchase like complete crap. I want to scream at them. I want to insult them. But alas, all MY professionalism holds me back from doing so.

How much worse are things going to get before enough is enough and we start stressing professionalism and courtesy again?

It makes me angry to realize that my four month old son has better professionalism and courtesy than most of those businesses I have observed, and he can't even talk. He does smile at you though and gives you a warm welcome upon meeting and hardly ever is ambiguous about what exactly he wants from you. Am I alone when I say that's more than I've seen out of most businesses I have dealt with?

How sad it is for them that I am often a rather valuable asset to be losing, and I don't speak those words lightly.

Now, here's my suggestion to every business/website/corporation owner and every form of customer service representative, trainer, team manager, quality assurance, etc.: Please pass a business communications course before you even start to talk to any of your customers or anyone that provides you a service if you don't know how to be professional. If you do know how to be professional, how about acting like it as opposed to acting like you're thirteen? You suck!

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  1. >I agree. With good communication also comes social responsibilities. Sometimes, companies tend to be very aggressive in their marketing or advertising campaigns that they already influence the public negatively. The success of the business actually lies in good and effective communication. But it doesn't stop there. They have to be honest and retain their good image as well.