>my pregnancy, labor, and postpartum secrets

10:18 AM

>There are quite a few women that have been amazed at the fact that I had such a quick labor with minimal aftereffects and also got to go home the same day. I'm partially amazed at it myself, and also seriously respect the women that are able to deal with natural labors that are much longer than mine... mine only lasted 3 1/2 hours with 10 minutes spent pushing and it STILL felt like it took days to get my little guy out.

My best friend Amber is about to have her own little one and was picking my brains yesterday trying to find out what all I did to encourage such an easy labor. It's really quite simple - I started drinking 4 or more glasses a day of iced red raspberry leaf tea early on in my pregnancy, walked every day for 30-45 minutes (in my later stages it sometimes panned out to only 15 minutes a day), and started vaginally inserting Evening Primrose oil capsules 3-4 times a day once I was about halfway through 37 weeks (37 weeks is full term, any earlier than that and you're going to have a premie). The raspberry leaf tea helps tone your uterus, much like braxton hick contractions do. All the walking helped keep me in the best possible physical health, and also helped encourage dropping when the time came. The evening primrose oil was how I induced my labor.

There are some other things I did through my pregnancy that helped in the aftermath:

  • I rubbed my stomach, hips, thighs, butt, breasts, chest, and underarms with a generous amount of Skin Milk body cream every day. The reason I used this and not anything actually marketed for preventing stretch marks is because this is the only cream I could find that had ALL of the ingredients that encourage skin elasticity and new cell growth. I continued with this until my stomach had mostly returned to its normal shape, then switched to Skin Milk body lotion to tone up the loose skin. I still had a few tiny stretch marks on my lower stomach, so to work those off I started using a good body scrub in the shower (which helps smooth the uneven skin) and then finishing off with a good amount of baby oil. So far the skin is evening out and the marks are fading. Even if they stayed though I wouldn’t be too upset – they’re so small and there’s so few that they’re not even noticeable (except to me of course, lol).

  • I didn’t quit exercising after I had Brennan. Well, I did take that week off as recommended by my midwife, but after that I continued with my walking routine. I also do what I call “power cleaning”, which is simply cleaning the house at an accelerated speed that gets my heart pumping and my muscles working.

  • I didn’t pig out when I was pregnant, and don’t pig out now. That’s not to say I ever starved myself but I only eat when I’m hungry, and I eat healthy. Granola, yogurt, and shredded wheat have definitely become my best friends because they taste good, they’re filling, they’re energizing, they’re nutritious, and they’re satisfying. I’m more muscular and voluptuous than I was before I was pregnant, but those aren’t really bad things. ;)

  • My big secret on how I got out the same day I had him – I went to a birth center instead of a hospital, and I had a natural, drug-free labor (for the most part – my midwife did end up having to give me something for nausea and to calm me down because I was freaking out… long story!). My midwife came to visit me on the second day to make sure we were doing well, and on the fourth day we had a check-up (then a one week, two week, and four week check-up – which is actually more care than you’ll get with a hospital).

Because of all of this I didn’t have nearly as miserable of a pregnancy, labor, birth, or postpartum period as I have learned a lot of women do. Brennan was a lot healthier as well – no bruises or marks from being suctioned or having forceps used on him, no weird coloring, no extreme wrinkling, and no jaundice. I got that picture perfect moment when your beautiful and perfectly pink little newborn gets placed in your arms and you fall in love immediately and are so overcome with happiness that you cry – which so many women now are told just doesn’t happen. It *does* happen, but you do need to prepare for it. Drugs make you woozy and kill the adrenalin rush your body normally gives you after giving birth so that you feel energized and ecstatic, and everything else just pretty much depends on how healthy you are, because the healthier you are, the healthier your baby will be.



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