>Sexist comments on Digg

6:22 AM


It's been one week since the country elected its first black president. All eyes are on America. Words like hope, change and forward thinking are being bandied about like never before. The US is a developed country right? Obama in office is proof of just how developed right? America can once again settle comfortably back into its undisputed position as world leader yes? After all, the nation sets an example for the rest of the world, particularly countries in which equal rights are not yet affirmed. Right?

Wrong. Racism may be off the map for now, but the US, just like everywhere else in the world has a long way to go. For one thing, the country is still rife with sexism.

Fast Company

Finally someone calls out the good ole boys on Digg. This woman posted an article on the most influential women to web 2.0 and found that the majority of commenters were sexist pigs. Bravo for writing an article about it. I admire you.

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