>I feel lucky

6:53 AM


David makes me feel loved like no other. It's rare that you find a man that will love, defend, honor, forgive, and cherish you for who you are. Most of them just want to screw you over for their own gains.

Every good guy needs to know he makes his woman happy. David, this is for you.

I asked you to just take a screenshot if what Shannon said was true, and you decided to defend me. What a contrast to what I've known in the past! For example, one Spring Break I got felt up by a guy uninvitedly and my boyfriend at the time decided not to defend me because he was worried about getting in to a fight. -_-; With you all it takes is someone saying crap about me and you're ready to defend me, though. It's nice to have someone ready to defend me like I do them. What a breath of fresh air. I love you.

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