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Forgiveness is an important virtue that I don't think many of us have enough of now days. We have plenty of blame but never enough forgiveness to cover all the blaming we do. This results in massive amounts of drama and unhappiness when all parties involved could just forgive and move on.

Forgiveness is an important virtue especially to those of us with bipolar disorder, or any other emotional/mental disorder. We know what it's like to be in a constantly drunken state, constantly making mistakes we wouldn't normally make had we not been "under the influence".

Because of this we can be some of the most forgiving people on earth. But also because others do not show that same spirit we can be some of the most ruthless people on earth.

One thing is for sure, though - we know how to apologize and we know how to forgive. We want peace in our lives and the lives of others. The proof is in the communities, which are the friendliest, most tolerant places you could ever visit. I remember being amazed at how warm and welcoming they were towards me when I first appeared. I remember being amazed at their tolerance as well. I've seen full fledged bash fests get settled with hugs... and you don't see that online too often.

I do my best. You do your best. We all do. I have never understood why we have such problems just trusting in that. It seems so simple. Yes, we make mistakes, and we think the other person is bad for one reason or another, but then we apologize and forgive. That's what separates us from animals and causes us to become divine.

I forgive. I may set up a fuss, but I do forgive, and even apologize for the fuss.

Most people don't.

I think that's the main reason why we have such a happy family. We apologize, we forgive, we forget, we trust. People get jealous but they don't want to take a look and see what's there, why we have what they're missing. I hope Brennan picks up on it if nothing else. He's not a very forgiving little tyke right now (chuckles).

If you want forgiveness, forgive. It's that simple.

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