>tomorrow is my b-day

3:00 PM

>Tomorrow is my birthday. This time last year I was pregnant with Brennan. Now I get to celebrate my birthday with the little guy. And the best part is I get to drink on my birthday this time, lol. I don't mean getting slobbering drunk but a nice cold Guiness on your birthday is nice.

I have come such a long way from last year. This time last year I was working a job I absolutely hated, pregnant, and admittedly unsure of the future. Now I am sure the future looks good. I'm in school for what I really want to do, the little guy is finally out of me, I quit that sucky job, and I look forward to the future. We have the perfect family, and I am proud. I believe in us. I believe in myself.

I look back on my life and wonder what took me so long. Why did I allow myself to be led astray? Why did I doubt for even one minute that I was a wonderful person, or that certain people were jerks? 

Well, I've at least made ammends in some ways. I've quit talking to the people that would only like to see me as miserable and unhappy as they are, and I keep myself open to new, real friends. I'm on the medication I knew I should have been on for years. I tell David every day how much I love and appreciate him, because he is true to me. I forgive him also, because I know I will never find a better man, or a better friend. And, well, Booga... I love him, appreciate him, and forgive him regardless. He is the sun in my sky.

I don't take back anything I have done or said. This is me. If you can't accept me, unmedicated or not, then you don't really have any business being around me. I'm doing my best and if you don't know that then you really don't know me at all.

I love all of you. Regardless of what you've done or said, I still love you. Well, except for a certain sociopath I had the misfortune of dating but I digress. I just can't be around you. You are the bane of my existance and being around you makes me perish, because the truth is you. do not. love. me.

I'm hungry. Time for dinner. Thanks for listening to yet another rant.

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