>the lessons of high school

5:26 AM


n505381229_1561436_5721We all are weirdos in some way. Some people are especially good at hiding it and like to lord it over others. Some people are especially good at exaggerating it and like to lord it over others. Some people just don't care. They act like themselves and they could care less what others think.

Back in high school, I was one of those people that liked to exaggerate it and freak others out just for the kicks. Now, I just act like myself. I've noticed there are people that still think that things are like high school with your cliques and social awkwardness and little games. These people usually aren't too successful with their lives or their social interactions because people perceive them as being immature.

No one is perfect. Most of us realize that now. Most of us also realize that we need each other and that people make mistakes. To not make these realizations is detrimental to your very mental and emotional well being.

One of the best ways to judge a person's character is to determine how they classify themselves. Usually anything beyond "I'm unique, we all are" means you're bound to run in to some skewed perceptions of their self and/or the world around them.

May we all come to realize that we are nothing more and nothing less than humans living on a big planet we know next to nothing about.

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