>artist silenced

5:15 AM


I stopped when he started giving me problems about it, not David but someone I will call Jim. Jim felt put on the spot whenever I wrote about any of our problems, never mind the fact the only people that paid any attention were my friends. It slowly became don't tell your friends either. Don't tell your family. Especially don't tell anyone I know. I guess I grew used to it over the years, using a guise of technology just to keep writing. I have no reason for it any more. We're not together any more and my husband does not care what I write about him so long as he knows I love him and I am not going to leave him. The perfect hubby for someone that's bipolar as I am strangely finding out from my friends on About's bipolar chat.

I wish to be freed by my words. I wish to expand my thoughts by my words. I am an artist. I must express myself somehow - that's what it means to be an artist.

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