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>Ok, so I'm regressing a little. Call me an oddball but I've actually grown to prefer Blogger over Wordpress. I still love Wordpress, but it's too much work for someone as busy as me.

Welcome to the new site. Please note that as of right now the old domain directs to a parking page. That should be getting fixed soon. Until then though, xmickskittenx is where you're going to have to go.

Here are some updates for those who missed out on all the excitement:

My son Brennan was born April 22, 2008. He was a bit early but still full term. Labor was 3 1/2 hours with 10 minutes spent pushing (yeah, I know, my midwife could hardly believe it for a first timer). He is now 6 months old and absolutely evil, but adorable. ;) He has two teeth now and is working on a third. He's also very close to walking and can stand on his own for about a minute.

I may have cervical cancer as my last pap came back abnormal. I'm pretty sure I do as I have been experiencing the symptoms and it runs in my family, but I will not know for sure until January, when more tests are going to be run. It doesn't really scare me as it is one of the milder forms of cancer, but it is of some concern.

I was also diagnosed with bipolar disorder about a month ago. I'm still not quite sure how I feel about it. Not ready to talk about that one yet.

I have yet another laptop that I've fallen in love with - an Aspire 6920, one of Acer's Blue Gemstone series laptops. The media dashboard makes watching movies in bed a breeze. :)

Our "room mate" finally moved out, so we have the house to ourselves now. Yay!

School is going well. I've been holding my GPA at a steady 3.8.

I have a Chelsea now, and it makes my hair way easier to deal with. I wish I had gotten one a long time ago.

That's pretty much it for updates. :)

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