>Forensic software detects workplace pornography.

6:12 PM


On Sunday, Orem, Utah-based forensic-software maker Paraben plans to introduce a unique piece of enterprise software developed to detect and analyze images on workplace networks and computers for suspect content. The system looks for a number of sophisticated parameters and grades images at three levels, based upon their correlation with criteria that have been programmed into the system.


I can see this one going very wrong very quickly, and I seriously doubt anyone will bother to actually fix it, at least not any time in this century.

"You're being released for viewing inappropriate material at work."

"That was a picture of my son's first bath."

"Well this software reported otherwise. There's nothing else we can do."

WTF? "You're kidding me, you're not going to check it?"

"This software has been shown to have a very small margin of error. I seriously doubt that it made a mistake in this case."

No, you're just too lazy to go check, not to mention you don't care.

Please, please at least make sure it has a 99% accuracy before you start unleashing this software on businesses. Management tends to be lazy enough without your help. This just gives them a reason to be lazier. You might as well make sure that laziness is well founded.

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