>of St. Nick

10:32 AM

>I've been prepping the house for Christmas here lately. While doing it I've been thinking about how there isn't going to be a traditional Christmas for many families out there this year with the country's economic situation. We ourselves are barely managing to do it (we want a nice first Christmas for Brennan).

I believe that now is a time that we really need to remember what Christmas is all about, and that's giving. Santa Claus is our name for St. Nicolas, a man who dedicated his entire life to giving to the less fortunate. It isn't about the price tag on your presents. It's about appreciating what you have. It's about giving to your loved ones in any way you can - even if it's just some home made "free back rub" coupons. It's about giving the homeless man on the street what you can. It's about loving your neighbor as yourself.

If you're Christian, it's about a family that appreciated what they had even though what they had was nothing more than a borrowed stable.

I encourage you to spend the day in your PJs with your family. Watch all those cheesy movies together that they always play on Christmas Eve. Eat cookies and milk. Enjoy each other's company. Appreciate each other's love.

And whether or not you're Christian, light a candle for St. Nicolas. He's the reason you're having this holiday.

Well, that and the Celts but we digress. ;)

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