>karma and life comparisons

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I just got one of the most moronic emails in my life from George's friend John. I'm not going to post the whole five page long letter here, but I do want to address one part in particular:

YOU: Cancer, Mental handicap, White Trash, Child Molester Husband,still lives in Putnam County Florida..
George: Great new Girlfriend, Great Job, Financial stability, Stress free lifestyle..
Now I ask you . Who really had negative Karma coming to them ?

If you're going to discuss the ramifications of Karma one must do so in a logical and systematic way. Karma is the mystical concept of what you put out comes back to you. That means the results of Karma must be unexplained. Cancer does not qualify unless its rare in your family. In my family it is the main cause of death. So oops, can't count that.

Bipolar disorder also runs in my family, and I don't think I have to explain that it's not a "mental handicap". The only mental handicap I see is this person's poor grasp of the english language.

White trash? Can't you really come up with something better than that? You talk like I have a beer gut and am living in a trailer. In my experience this is usually only thrown out there when you have nothing else to grasp at. I would suggest you stop making it so obvious that you have absolutely nothing to hold on to.

Child molester husband? WTF is George telling you? Now it seems that on top of having nothing to hold on to, you're simply making crap up. Or maybe you started thinking about yourself. I wouldn't be talking if I was the one that got a 15 year old pregnant.

Still lives in Putnam? Give me a break. Anderson, SC isn't exactly a dream boat itself. In fact when given a choice between the two, I would pick Putnam hands down just to get away from all the religious crazed maniacs and backstabbing that goes on in Anderson. At least people are upfront with you here and don't hide behind a mask of politeness while talking crap behind your back.

Now, since you were so courteous to point out my "flaws", let me point out yours:

- Your great new girlfriend is still married and has a 5 year old kid that's not yours. On top of that from what you've told me she's got plenty of emotional baggage carried over from her first marriage. Almost like you just found a way of taking me back after a few years of a hard marriage to you, isn't it?

- Working for the electric company as a footman is NOT a great new job. It also is not financially secure. You can still end up finding yourself fired and working at Burger King tomorrow, so spare me.

- Stress free lifestyle - So stress free in fact that I'm sure your grandfather is doing great now. Oops, wait, no, he's not. I'm sure you're married now and have a wonderful family. Oops, wait, no, you're not. Have lots of friends at least? Strike three. Well at least you're working your dream job, right? Oops, no, strike FOUR. Things are looking pretty sad for you right now.

Now, a more realistic look at my life currently:

- I get several thousand dollars back every few months just for going to school.

- I'm going to school so I can have my dream career in IT and am maintaining a 3.8GPA

- I'm moving to Jacksonville at the end of this year. Your little boy toy should've noticed the area code on his caller ID.

- I'm about to start not one but two new businesses.

- I've made friends through out my life time and kept them. I haven't just made one friend back in high school and then made him or her my (excuse the language) bitch.

- My family stands behind me 100% both when facing others and when simply facing me by myself. They help me out when I need it and never give me a hard time about it or criticize me and make me feel bad about myself. We're best friends with each other and tell each other everything. In case you're wondering why this matters, it's because your relationship with your family reflects your life and relationship with others.

- I'm married to a man that has got to be one of the most fantastic husbands on this planet. He takes an interest in his son, he takes an interest in me, he puts our needs and wants as a family before his own, we rarely argue and much less fight, and there is not a day that goes by that he does not tell me how much he loves me and is glad I am in his life.

- I have a son that is far ahead of the rest in his learning and social skills, that smiles at everyone and is almost always happy because that's all he knows - warmth, love, and happiness.

Pay attention to those last four because unlike you I don't measure my life by how much financial success I have as much as I do by how happy and loved I am. Remember George is a good three years older than me so of course he is going to be at a different financial point than I am. When he was my age he didn't even have a job - I was supporting him because he couldn't manage to hold down a job. He pissed all of his managers off with his total lack of respect for authority. Which I suppose works out well when you're cutting people's electricity off, which would explain why you have this "great job" and are no longer working your actual dream job - that was being the webmaster for a large church where you actually got to negotiate your wages. If you actually went to school for anything you would be able to negotiate your wages with every job as an independent contractor, and every job would be a webmaster position.

It basically boils down to this - I have solid ground that I'm working on. Meanwhile you have the same shakey foundation you started out with, and I would not be surprised in the least if it all fell down within the next year.

Call me if you ever want to talk about Karma or compare lives again. I find your theories hilarious.

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