>a crossroads

11:08 AM


Today I did my homework on the situation with George. He made a post about how he didn't want to argue on the internet... so I figured it was time to take the arguing to a courtroom.

First of all I contacted the people he claimed a while back had my stuff in storage. One of them I'm still waiting on a response from, the other confirmed that they had none of my stuff in storage.

Second I contacted my lawyer and let him know that I want to continue with the lawsuit. I have another appointment set up with him at 3 p.m. tomorrow.

Third I called George. George said that he had decided that he and John would put my stuff in storage and mail me the key. He said he would email me John's phone number so that we can discuss it further.

So we're now at a crossroads. Should Jim not email me, Jack not answer, or Jack refuse to give me back my stuff then I have already got a head start on suing. Should they actually return my stuff the lawsuit will be getting called off.

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